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our story

Our recipe is a big part of our lemonade. It changes the way we make this happen and it makes our lemonades unique taste.

Which is all we ever wanted from our lemonade. It is just are fresh homemade lemonade but it 

means so much more to us. Join us in this journey of which we strive to make lemonade that will be the next big thing. We have all seen apple juice and orange juice just does not cut it (all tho i must say i love orange juice but i think our lemonade is better). But lemonade is what is just in that zone of sour and sweet. We strive to be the best lemonade you could hope for. But all we hope is that you will join us. It would make my day if you helped me out just by buying are lemonade. That is are story. We hope you listened. And thank you.

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